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Dolce: Dolce is a five year old merle type Chihuahua, has grey and black spot all over his body less the underbelly and legs wich are light and beige colours, he only weigh about 3 pounds, is very friendly, and playful
Where is lost:
Lost 12/02/2016 in Compton, CA 90222 at the intersection of Long Beach Blvd and Rosecrans Ave
Maria Sulik
PO Box 17216 Beverly Hills, CA Beverly Hills 90209 CA - Phone number: 310 722 5611
Special Message:
Please return our little dog to us, our family is devastated by this loss, he is our son
$$$ REWARD $$$

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Sunny is a female spayed Chihuahua mix with big pointed ears that either lay back (not floppy) or stand up on her head and a curly tail that curls up and over her bottom. She's mostly gold except her underside is cream, from her chin to her bottom and the underneath of her tail. She's 12-14 inches tall and 15-18 lbs. About the same size as a Jack Russell. She has a cherry eye. She is a teenager's emotional support dog. She is missed terribly and we are completely heartbroken. $3800 REWARD-no questions asked-for information leading to her safe return. 818-671-8583
Where is lost:
Lost 02/03/2016 at Porter Ranch, CA - was taken out of my car in Walmart parking lot. Nearest intersection is Porter Ranch dr and Rinaldi St.
20111 Leadwell st #12 Winnetka, CA - Phone number: 8186718583
Special Message:
She is a teenager's emotional support dog. She is missed terribly and we are completely heartbroken. $3800 REWARD-no questions asked-for information leading to her safe return. 818-671-8583
$$$ REWARD $3,800.00 $$$

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Pablo: Chihuahua, male, tan 8-10 months old. 6lbs. very sweet. black collar w/tag
Where is lost:
Lost 4/28/16 4:20 pm at 4307 Briggs st. Jurupa Valley CA. Rubidoux area. Jensen Alvarado Ranch
Lisa Bertola
5431 Blue Springs St Jurupa Valley 92509 CA - Phone number: 909-225-8492
Special Message:
Lost 4/28 @ 4:20pm searched over 4 hours, ck daily shelters, neighbourhood, fb sites. I am devastated.
$$$ REWARD $$$

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Bear: Male, not fixed, Chihuahua mix, reddish brown with white paws, white tipped tail, white stripe from forehead to mouth, and white on his chest. about 15 lbs. and a little over 2 ft long. He is scared of strangers and barks and growls at them. He was wearing a red harness when he disappeared.
Where is lost:
Lost 04/09/2016 He disappeared from the corner of Spruce St. and 3rd Ave. in Hesperia, CA. He was in the yard to potty and then he was gone... He has never ran away from home. Never been away from home and always comes when called. He is my emotional support dog
Tara and Chris Burlew
16329 Spruce St Hesperia, 92345 CA - Phone number: 442-251-4577, 760-403-8108
Special Message:
Please help us bring our baby home. He means the world to us and is a vital part of our family unit. We have had him since he was a baby and he is 3 years old now. A piece of our hearts are missing without him. Suggestion: They only way to catch Bear is to get him in an enclosure 5 ft or taller. He is a jumper and a runner.
$$$ REWARD $ 50.00 $$$ $$$ REWARD $$$

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Captain: 2 year old Shih Tzu. Mostly Tan color with tip of tail, a spot on the back of the neck and chest been white.
Where is lost:
Lost 01/08/2016 Last seen between Jackson Avenue and Tweety Blvd in the city of South Gate, California
Alejandra Nunez
10100 Jackson Avenue South Gate 90280 CA - Phone number: (323) 519-3984
Special Message:
He is a beloved very friendly dog. Potty trained. Not used to been outdoors for long periods of time. Please help us find our baby! $$$ REWARD $$$
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Icy a.k.a. Ice: He is a Blue Nose Pit Bull Terrier. He is blue with white on chest, white reaches to the bottom of his mouth. He has a thin built. His eyes can get a watery discharge, sometimes. He was wearing a PetSafe perimeter shock collar when he became lost. Although, it can easily come off if pulled or yanked (not sure if he still has it on). Note: the color of the collar strap is red. He is friendly but can be very playful and likes to run very fast in between furniture and on yard. Also, he has learned to jump high fences. That is how he got out.
Lost 10/16/2015 in Perris, CA. He was last seen on N Perris Blvd before Ramona Expressway by auto shops and by the parking lot where older cars are sometimes sold (near the Mobil gas station).
Robert Rodriguez
3117 Lakeview Dr 92571 Perris, CA - Phone number: 951 293-2080

Any information of his where about is highly appreciated!
$$$ REWARD $200.00 $$$

Rusty: Teacup Yorkie, brown and black.micro-chipped.
Lost: August 17, 2015 at Woodbridge area of Irvine, CA
2 WoodSorrel Irvine, 92604 CA - Phone number: 714 697 9600

$$$ REWARD $$$

Basil (aka Bazzy): Pug - Male Fawn around 2 years old.
Lost July 1, 2015 Backyard, slipped through the fence...was seen by 2 people on Jacklyn and Jean Drive.
Mark Ambrosini
4811 Jennifer Court Union City CA - Phone number: 510-282-6671

$$$ REWARD $300-$500 $$$

Mj: Female Chihuahua/corgi chocolate Brown with some tan like a pincher.
Lost 7/12/15 Pacific Ave & 25th Long Beach CA 90806

I miss my baby please help me get her home!
$$$ REWARD $$$

Sadie: Mini Australian Shepard.. Multi-color fur.. One eye is blue and the other is brown.. She was wearing a Lavender Collar with Silver paws.. She is very shy and shakes when nervous.. Weights 23lbs
Lost 6/15/2015 at 11am at 5005 E Washington Ave. Fresno 93727 Last seen in the Winerry/Iowa neighborhood around 630pm $1000 REWARD OFFERED
Phillip Carranco
4625 Tooz St Capitola 95910 CA - Phone number: 831-227-6875

Please bring Sadie Home Safely
$$$ REWARD $1,000.00 $$$

Ringo: Black French Bull Dog with some small brown marks on his back; had a black collar
5/16 /2015
Lost 5/8/15 at 3rd Street and Olive, Huntington Beach, CA
Bautista Galli
222 3rd Street 92648 Huntington Beach, CA - Phone number: 9515995257

$$$ REWARD $200.00 $$$

RYDER: Yorkie/Maltese Mix. 2 years old weighs about 5lbs.Small in size.See actual color in the furnished picture.
Lost: April 14, 20015 at about 1.00PM Dog must have been picked up by a passer in front of the house as it never goes beyond this point. It sneaked out unknown when the front door screen was opened to drop the mail for the mailman.The door was closed without realizing that the dog was outside. The time between when it sneaked out and the time it was realized that it was not in the house was so short and hence the mystery as to how it got out of sight so fast. We checked with neighbors and of course no one has acknowledged seeing the dog. Our house is located between Main Street and San Pedro Street.
William Michael-Adikhai
120 East 135th Street Los Angeles, 90061 CA - Phone number: 310-866-2269/310-995-3091

We are very sceptical about the level of success we are going to see in recovery this little dog because the party that picked the dog up might come out clearly to return same. We checked with neighbors and so far no luck. We would certainly appreciate knowing whatever efforts is made on your side as far as trying to locate Ryder. Dog will recognize family members at sight.

Hayze: 7 year-old female black and tan with cream colored shaved undercoat across the shoulders from one side to the other. sable lower back. 75 lbs. neutered.
Lost 3/24/2015 in Oroville CA: Petco/Raley's parking lot
Joseph Fegan
PO Box 115 Clipper Mills 95930 CA - Phone number: 530-675-1131; c: 530-370-3243

I am a combat-disabled Vietnam Veteran. I love my dog, and want her back. Please call as soon as possible. Thank you
$$$ REWARD $$$

Fiona: is a female Chihuahua dog.
Lost February 08, 2015 at 4372 Winona Ave San Diego, CA 92115
4372 Winona Ave San Diego, CA 92115 - Phone number: (619) 755-4905

I love my dog very much and want her back.
$$$ REWARD $300.00 $$$

Doggy: White Male Poodle, wearing a green collar. recently grooming. Hairy long tail.
Lost February 05 2015 at Broadway & Martin Luther King Blvd Los Angeles 90037
Armando Morales
226 West 40th Place Los Angeles, CA - Phone number: 323 506 5158

Eats pedigree dog food can

Tek: Chocolate Lab 7 years old Graying in face and feet. Has bite taken out of left ear tip
Lost 02/02/2015 at Rochester/Baseline in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

He was last seen in the area of Church and Mayten on 02/04/2015
$$$ REWARD $100.00 $$$

Lucy: Lab/Collie Mix Black with white patch chest 4 years old wearing brown leather collar
Lost 01/26/2015 at 1050 Fredricks St. Venice, CA 90291
Austen Chalmers
1050 Fedricks St. Venice, CA - Phone number: 7134125602

$$$ REWARD $300.00 $$$

Gunds: Mini Greyhound
Lost 1/22/15 at Tilden Park on Grizzly Peak Berkeley, CA

Please do not chase him. just call the number. he is very scared and will run
$$$ REWARD $1,000.00 $$$

BEBE: white Maltese 6 yrs old very cute
Lost: 01/15/2015 in front of our house at Maxson Rd El Monte, CA
Chao Ye
4321 Maxson Rd El Monte, CA - Phone number: 6268145074

Bebe needs a special medicine for the leg
$$$ REWARD $1,000.00 $$$

Frankie: 7 years old. Black and White with distinctive tan patch over left eye
Lost 1-13-15 Last Seen at Lower Azusa and El Monte ave. Gardeners left gate wide open and has been missing since 1pm on 1-13-15
Christine Sprunck
5003 McClintock Ave Temple City 91780 CA - Phone number: 323-835-3496

Frankie is Loved and Missed
$$$ REWARD $$$

Toby: mini poodle mix, male, white/cream color
Lost 1/2/15 at Home Ashmont Drive, San Jose, CA 95111
Loes Vandenbiggelaar
4825 Ashmont Drive San Jose, CA 95111 - Phone number: (408)775-2789

$$$ REWARD $300.00 $$$

Roxy: small dog 12 to 15lbs mixed colors brownish and reddish colors with black and some white
Lost 4/11/14 went out front door got scared and took off we believe she got through next neighbors broken fence board into the apartments
5690 E. Grant Ave Fresno 93727 CA - Phone number: 5599408205

We miss our Roxy dearly and need her to come home
$$$ REWARD $500.00 $$$

Chico: Small white maltipoo mix. He has a blue and gray sweater. He has a San Diego Charger collar and tag.
Lost: 12/11/2014 In Eastlake, Chula Vista, CA
1327 Long View Dr Chula Vista, CA 91915 - Phone number: 619-838-4384

Please help me bring Chico home to his family. We miss him very much
$$$ REWARD $ 100.00 $$$

Scout: White dog with a spiked collar. He runs if you try to get him. He just got a hair cut and his hair is short.
Lost 11/27/2014 he jumped the fence on 528 S Ash Ave Inglewood, CA
Azucena Varela
528 S Ash Ave Inglewood 90301, CA - Phone number: 4247890648

We miss him terribly.
$$$ REWARD $ 150.00 $$$

Qual: Adult female brown legs black body white chest..weights 13lbs shes a terrier mix
Lost 11/20/14 at 13808 Joycedale St La Puente, CA 91746
Diana Martinez
13808 Joycedale St La Puente 91746, CA - Phone number: 6264094232

Please help me get my best friend back. She has been part of the family for 13 years.
$$$ REWARD $50.00 $$$

Chrissy: Chihuahua (f) 9yo. light brown coat with white tips on tail and paws. was wearing red & pink sweater w/diamond pattern
Lost Tuesday Nov 19, 2014 @ 3pm at 668 Arden Avenue in Glendale, CA. 91202
Joey Difrancesco
7533 Vassar Ave Canoga Park, CA - Phone number: 818-808-5615 / 323-360-6988

Chrissy is very shy but she is very approachable face expression (grumpy) heart murmur & asthma teeth rotted bad breath
$$$ REWARD $ 200.00 $$$

Mila: Dachshund/terrier mix. Black with tan markings. Very, very shy.
Lost Friday, November 7 at Glenoaks Blvd, at Scott Rd. intersection in Burbank, CA

She is extremely shy and most likely will run away from anyone trying to approach her. Best to call and I'll come and get her. Please just keep her insight and as safe as possible.
$$$ REWARD $$$

Toni: Small black female Spaniel mix, with long straight hair, white on chin and fluffy tail.
10/26/2014 - Still Missing
Lost: 1 am 5/3/14 at 9256 Wakefield avenue, Panorama City, CA 91402
Patricia Bush - Phone number: 818-319-3050

Please keep a lookout for this black dog. If you see her, please corner her or catch her safely, and call me ASAP 818-319-3050 so I can go get her. We have been looking for weeks and are offering a $1,000 reward.
$$$ REWARD $ 1,000.00 $$$

Perrito: 4.5 years old, 4.5 lbs, fawn color, white paws and chest, wearing a green harness
Lost: 10/10/2014 at the 24 Hour Fitness on Sycamore Ave in Vista, CA
Jose Velazquez
1310 N Melrose Dr Vista, CA - Phone number: 760-445-3989

Very shy but won't bite, does not like to be picked up.
$$$ REWARD $ 500.00 $$$

Nishka: Brownish Red coat with white underbelly Blue Eyes
Lost: 10/05/2014 Central and 41st St Los Angeles, CA
Jesus Acosta
1157 E 41st St Los Angeles CA 90011 - Phone number: 3102480082

$$$ REWARD $$$

Penny: medium 30lb scruffy copper colored TERRIER MIX
Lost Friday 9/12/2014 in Havenhurst and Romaine, West Hollywood, CA
Taliah Tsunis
943 Havenhurst Dr West Hollywood 90046 CA - Phone number: 310-913-2812

$$$ VERY LARGE REWARD $ 2,000.00 $$$

Min is a 9-year old Coton de Tulear (look like a Maltese). He is small/medium sized (little over a foot). He is white with tan-ish years. He was not wearing a collar. His tail stands tall like a fountain. His fur was shortly trimmed.
Lost 8/30-31 from our home at Running Branch Road Diamond Bar, CA
Eunice Lee
21195 Running Branch Road Diamond Bar/91765 CA - Phone number: 9092978905

Please help us find him. He is our family and we desperately need him back. We will pay and do anything to bring him back.
$$$ LARGE REWARD $ 1,000.00 $$$

Angus: Small black with tan patches Chihuahua, very energetic and friendly
Lost 8/19/14 in South Pasadena between Los Robles and Fair Oaks.
Elizabeth Herrera
729 s Stoneman ave b Alhambra 91801 CA - Phone number: 6262744429

$$$ REWARD $ 1,000.00 $$$ for Angus safe return.

Panda: Black and White Springer Spaniel with Black spots and brown cheeks. She has black floppy ears and is a medium sized female 3 years of age.
Lost 8/19/14 at Monrovia High School neighborhood.
Brian Cox
840 W Colorado Blvd Monrovia 91016 CA - Phone number: 6263471579

$$$ REWARD $$$

Belle: brown with patches long haired doxin (weeiner dog) she is not wearing a collar but is microchipped. She has ice blue eyes with a double iris in both eyes
Lost Tuesday evening at about 8pm 8/5/14 off of Robinhood Ln in Redlands, CA. Last seen on the corner of San Mateo and Fern
Sarah Williams
409 Robinhood Ln Redlands, CA - Phone number: 909-894-9278

Please help bring her home! She is my baby and a part of my family
$$$ LARGE REWARD $ 1,500.00 $$$

Rolex Big Daddy Fangs Marrone: he is about 13 to 14 inches tall alight handsome blonde color white strips from the top of the head in between the eyes to the nose each paw has all the color white on all four paws toes onlyand he has a pig's tale
Lost 8/5/14 9:30 sm at U_Haul N Chester ave and Beardsley ave in Oildale, CA
Candace Marrone
309 Washington Ave Oildale 93308 CA - Phone number: 6618651690 6614379921

Choco: Shih Tzu. White, Brown, Black. 20 months old. Around 11 lbs.
Lost 08-01-14 Corner of Trident and Siva in Anaheim, CA. Last seen at corner of Random and Echo on the next day he got lost.
Vinh Le
1771 W. Siva Ave. Anaheim, CA - Phone number: 949-468-7832

Someone said they saw them last time at corner of Random and Echo on the next day he got lost.
$$$ REWARD $100.00 $$$

IsIs: Doberman Pincher. She is a small female black & gold, approx. 10 lbs. She is friendly & loveable, but could be fisty. She is wearing a flourcent green collar, no name tag.
Lost: July 12, 2014 IsIs was lost on Klamath Pl. I believe she was kidnapped.
Sandra Almanza
4726 Klamath Pl. Los Angeles, CA - Phone number: 323 237 1441

Pls help us find IsI. We miss & love her very much.
$$$ REWARD $ 100.00 $$$

Pebbles: Red, spayed female, miniature dachshund with dark fur on her back and neck. She weighs 10lbs and is 2 years old. She is microchipped, but is not wearing a collar or harness.
Lost 7/29/14 at 9:30pm. She was last seen running north at the northeast intersection of Granada Ave and Alhambra Rd, at the border of San Marino and the City of Alhambra.
Jennifer Vanegas
224 N Valencia St Alhambra 91801 CA - Phone number: 626-689-0199

She is very shy and is afraid of strangers, cars, and loud noises. She also runs very fast. Her brother is lonely without her, and misses her very much! They are usually side by side 24hrs a day.
$$$ REWARD $ 300.00 $$$

Olive: Tiny, white Maltese. Pearl collar.
Lost July 28th in Hancock Park Los Angeles, CA

Olive needs medication and is scheduled for surgery
$$$ VERY LARGE REWARD $ 4,000.00 $$$

Snowy: White shitzu-maltes, brown ears, purple colar
Lost Sunday 13 of July. At 5:00pm She escape from my house.
Jacquie Romo
2881 Moonridge Dr La jolla 92037 CA - Phone number: 8583534545

Please help my family to be together!! We mis her a lot!!
$$$ REWARD $$$

Chloe: Chiuhuahua/Papillon Mix - 9 years and 4months old. German Shepherd coloring. NO TAIL. Had a pink color with her name tag on the shape of a heart with my phone number on back. She has very soft hair (tan face with black/grey back) Small in size about 15-20 lbs.
Lost 7/4/14 in Pasadena area. 100 North Parkwood Ave. 91107 Main cross streets are Allen/Colorado Blvd./Walnut
100 Parkwood Ave. Pasadena CA - Phone number: 909-437-3269

Chloe was staying with a friend when she escaped. She got out between the hours of 9pm-12am on the 4th of July. This has been my buddy for 9 years. I am lost without her. Going into a depression. Please get her home to me!
$$$ REWARD $ 500.00 $$$

Franklin: White with some tan markings. Llaso Apso terrier mix. Very friendly. Microchipped and tags with name and phone number.
Lost: 6/26/14 Ran out of the yard when gate didn't close from my home. 466 Wickliffe Ave Pasadena, CA, 91104. Cross street is Los Robles Ave.

Franklin is a very friendly and would go with just about anyone. He is a runner and is very fast.
$$$ REWARD $$$

Ebony: Black toy poodle (about 7 pounds) with long bushy tail (not cropped). Very nervous but extremely friendly.
Lost 6/22/14 at 70 Dean Road, Sacramento, CA 95815
Nereo Rebellato
PO Box 153 West Sacramento CA - Phone number: 925-997-7661

She is a loved family member that is greatly missed.
$$$ LARGE REWARD $1,000.00 $$$

LuLu: 17 year old chocolate lab, wearing a brown leather collar with light blue dots. She has grey hair un her chin and under side.
Lost 6/25/14 Near the corner of Anita and San Vicente Blvd in Brentwood (Los Angeles). Last seen in the back yard of a house on Anita, near San Vicente.

She is elderly, and has a difficult time getting up. She is very friendly.

Appa: He is a mix Husky brown and black color with brown eyes and a small overbite. He is 9 months old about medium size. He might be injured.
Lost 6/18/14 Ran away from 1150 W. 69th Street Los Angeles CA 90044. Last seen on 69th St. and Vermont Ave.
Silvia Cobar
1150 W. 69th Street Los Angeles 90044 CA - Phone number: 2138408586

Appa is not only a pet to us. He is family and we love and miss him dearly. We are heartbroken by his absence and his sister Naomi our other family member also misses him, they are each other's playmates and we know she is sad and lonely without Appa.
$$$ REWARD $$$

Zoe: Yorkshire Terrier, female, 8 months old, 3-4 lbs. Black with tan and silver markings. Very friendly.
Lost: Tues, May 13, 2014 - 9AM In front of home on Greenleaf St. Between Beverly Glen and Stansbury
Lysa Heslov
14280 Greenleaf St. Sherman Oaks, CA - Phone number: 818-517-0979

Witnesses have told me that they saw a hispanic lady pick her up and take her.
$$$ REWARD $1,000.00 $$$

Dixie: Weimaraner
Lost 04/2714 California City, CA in campground near Oldsmobile
Kevin Gillies
10530 Tinker Ave Tujunga, CA - Phone number: 818 422 4776

$$$ LARGE REWARD $1,000.00 $$$

Bella is a 9months Shih Tzu. She is white and tan (beige). Her ears have a little black. She is shy abd scared especially of other dogs.
Lost Saturday April 12 - Escaped from the back yard of my boyfriend's aunt at 737 N. Gardner street Los Angeles 90046. She was last seen at the corner of N. Gardner street And Waring Ave (800 N. Gardner st Los Angeles 90046). A neighbor saw a man that had a bicycle holding few minutes after she escaped. He left and nobody knows where he went or what he did with Bella. I hope he didn't sell her.
Alisson Fhal
533 N. Mariposa ave Los Angeles 90004 CA - Phone number: 310 353 6553

NO QUESTION WILL BE ASKED. PLEASE, I beg you, help me find my baby. I am sick everyday to know her far from home. I miss her every minute. I need her and I worry about her health. PLEASE, HELP HER RETURN.
$$$ REWARD $500.00 $$$

Cookie: Male, Yorkshire Terrier, tan & grey, short hair, ears up, 2 years old, 8 lbs. He may bark at people, runs fast.
Lost 04/09/2014 around 7 pm in Pasadena, in Chapman Woods Neighborhood. Rosemead Blvd & San Pasqual St.
Jiantao Zhang
3615 Thorndale Rd Pasadena 91107 CA - Phone number: 626-592-3104

$$$ REWARD $ 1,000.00 $$$

Belle: Last seen wearing a green bandana around her neck. Friendly and extremely hyper. Weighs 10 pounds. Mostly brown in color and white around her legs.
Lost March 28, 2014 Bowcreek Drive Diamond Bar CA 91765
24346 Hardy Drive Diamond Bar 91765 CA - Phone number: 9098595967

$$$ REWARD $100.00 $$$

Mollie is 3-4 years old. Her body is all black. Her chest is white with black freckles. She also has white on her face just above her nose. She has large light brown eyes. She's a medium size dog about 47 pounds last time she was weighed at the vet.
She was last seen 3/25/14 at home. In Riverside, CA. Major cross streets Sierra Vista and Pierce.
4995 Butler Dr. Riverside 92505 CA - Phone number: 9092394400

$$$ REWARD $$$

Bruiser: Blonde/red coloring with a white chest and a grey muzzle. Pomeranian.
Bruiser was potentially spotted near Westwood Elementary School on the corner of Morada Ave and Caywood St in the company of another dog around 8am this morning
Lost March 24, 2014 From our house on Terracorvo Circle. Last confirmed sighting was at the park on Vernaccia Dr and Chianti Circle
Logan Harbut
8815 Terracorvo Circle Stockton 95212 CA - Phone number: 209-430-1088

He is very sweet and friendly. He has probably been taken in by a family. Very energetic. We miss our baby very much and we hope that the person who found him has a loving heart and helps him get home to his family.
$$$ REWARD $250.00 $$$

Augi: He is 13 Years old. At the time of disappearance, he had very short hair, he was shaved completely. The length of his hair is about 2 inches by now, looking more like a miniature Huski, in badge color.
Lost 2//21/14 in Pomona, CA
Fuego Ave, Pomona, CA - Phone # 818-649-4071 and 909-267-9728

His right paw has been broken ten years ago, and been fixed once, but broken again and 2 years after, and his doctor could not be fixed it again, so he keeps his right paw up in the air when walking or running; if he is put his paw on the floor or being handled wrong, he feels lots of pain.

Thor: Border Collie / Mcnab mix, 75 lbs, brown and black looks like a German Sheppard, not wearing collar.
Lost 02/09/2014 at 355 Brookeside Dr in Chico, CA 95928
Shawnmarie Jessick
355 Brookside Dr Chico, CA 95928 - Phone number: 530-321-5279

He is missing his collar and his medicine so he might be sick very friendly picky eater but is very timid
$$$ REWARD $50.00 $$$

Emma: She is orangish/light brown "apricot "color cockapoo. Female, spayed, 8 years old. Approximately 18/20 lbs, medium sized, nub /short little tail 2/3 inches long, small white patch on chest breast plate. She has kind of curly hair. Brown nose long ears for a cockapoo.
Lost 12/31/13 Last seen between Clark/Bellflower blvd and Willow st. Long Beach, CA. 12/31/13
Eric Carungcong
5311 East Willow St. Long Beach, CA 90815 - Phone number: 5304176797

Her family truly misses her and the kids pray for her every night.
$$$ REWARD $200.00 $$$

Biggie: Black/Tan Yorkshire Terrier Neutered Male 9 years old. Approx. 7lbs
Lost Sunday, February 2nd, 2014 at Lindberg Park area in Culver City, CA 90230

No questions will be asked upon Biggie's safe return
$$$ REWARD $ 1,000.00 $$$

Lyla: Female Akita pinto color. Brown, white and black, with black mask.
Lost February 2, 2014 at 8 pm near Whitter/Norwalk blvd.
Mauricio Castillo
6222 Rockne Ave Whittier, CA 90606 - Phone number: 714-788-0194

Dog is hard of hearing.

Jefferson: Mixed breed with a body like a labrador and the face of a pit bull. About 70 lbs. Solid, athletically built. Color is a brindle of dark and light brown (mostly dark), with a patch of gray on his chest. Last seen wearing a green/blue/yellow collar with a tag shaped like a bone. The tag has his name on one side, and two contact phone numbers on the other.
Lost February 2, 2014, about 6:00 pm at the Intersection of 54th Street and Montezuma Road, San Diego, CA. In the College Area near San Diego State University
Andy Gerber
4756 Austin Drive San Diego, 92110 CA Phone number: 858-248-7010 and 619-813-6133

Jefferson was with me in an auto accident at 54th Street and Montezuma Road in the College Area of San Diego around 6:00 pm on Sunday, February 2, 2014, and fled the scene as soon as it happened. One bystander saw him running south on 54th Street (away from the accident) immediately after, and another person who saw our post in the next day said they saw him walking back up 54th (toward the scene of the accident) within about 30 minutes of the crash. They said he appeared to be walking OK.
$$$ REWARD $ 200.00 $$$

CoCo: Black Coffee Colored Tea Cup Chihuahua. She has white whiskers.
Lost December 10, 2013 at 4127 Palmwood Drive, Los Angeles, California
Ginger Chapin
15 Old Stone Bridge Road Cos Cob CT - Phone number: 917-975-2711

This Chihuahua belongs to my sister who is currently in a recovery facility in San Diego. She believes that the dog was stolen from her bed at 4127 Palmwood Drive by an individual whom we know and have the phone number to-- however, he is a drug addict and is unreliable. His cell phone number is 424.200.3464 and his name is Louis. This individual claims that the dog "ran away" when he took her for a walk, but ironically, he was never asked to take her for a walk. He is believed to have sold her to a woman in apartment #7 in the building of 4127 Palmwood Drive in LA, OR to another person in the neighborhood in exchange for drugs. It is believed that CoCo is still in this neighborhood. I have hired a Flyer company to post Flyers in the neighborhood with the reward. This was posted twice in the Crenshaw, LA area.
$$$ REWARD $ 2,000.00 $$$

Bowie: He is a Boston Terrier, white and chocolate, with different colored yes, left blue, right brown. He is 8 months
Lost Jan-11-2014 at Silver Lake Reservoir, Los Angeles - CA
Phone number: 213 321 8922

$$$ REWARD $2,000.00 $$$

Chase: Small chihuahua gray coat with brown face and chest. Green eyes, 6 month old puppy boy
Lost 1/21/14. Dog was lost at my house. Went under the fence.

Please help me find my puppy! Has been missing for two days with no food or water. Very friendly and playful. Brings joy to anyone he comes near. Please help!!
$$$ REWARD $100.00 $$$

Ozzy: Dark grey/black body with tan ears, face, and legs. Tongue always stick out of his mouth. Very sweet and quiet. 5 years old and about 10 lbs.
Lost 12/28/2013 at Mallorca (street) in the Palisades neighborhood, Laguna Niguel, CA
59 Mallorca Laguna Niguel CA - Phone number: (949)-228-2964

Please help return Ozzy. Family is in despair. We miss our baby very much!
$$$ REWARD $800.00 $$$