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Milo: Yellow Cockatiel with orange cheeks and grey specks. Very friendly, reward offered.

Where is lost:
Lost 10/26/16 at 5400 block Newcastle Avenue between Killion and Ventura blvd
5400 Newcastle Avenue Encino, 91316 CA - Phone number: 818-371-5807
Special Message:
Please help bring Milo home!
$$$ REWARD $$$
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Fergie: African Grey Parrot; Dark Grey on top; Light Grey on Bottom; Red Tail

Where is lost:
Last seen Feb 2nd and 3rd at Iron Ridge Way and Holiday Dr Fontana, CA 92336
Sarah Hendrix
Fontana, 92336 CA - Phone number: 909-549-0445
Special Message:
She needs proper diet, which is not found out in the wild. She is very friendly $$$ LARGE REWARD $1,500.00 $$$
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Dolly: red feathers, with red wings, and green on the back of her wings, she has a white upper beak, and black lower beak, with white cheeks. She has band on her left leg
Lost Sunday 10/27 3.15pm at: Carro Drive, and Northrup, major cross street would be Fulton Avenue, and Northrup avenue Sacramento, CA
930 Carro Dr #1 Sacramento 95825 CA - Phone number: 916-872-7449

My bird is friendly, but may bite if provocked, she is shy, but very tame.
$$$ REWARD $$$

JB "JayBee": Senegal Parrot about 7 inches in length. As is typical for this species of bird, the head is all gray. The rest of his body is green with black at the wing tips. His chest is orange and yellow.
Lost 8/7/2013 at 18441 Basswood Street Fountain Valley CA 92708
Lance Boehm
18441 Basswood Street Fountain Valley CA 92708 - Phone number: 7145945268

$$$ REWARD $200.00 $$$

Samantha: The bird is a untamed Green Aracari Toucan. The bird has a greenish-yellow stomach and a black top side with black wings. The bird's neck is brown. It's beak is about 4-5 inches long and multi-colored.
Lost: Wednesday July 18th at 8:00AM at 3246 Veracruz Drive San Ramon California 94583
Nelly Izakov
3246 Veracruz Drive San Ramon 94583 CA - Phone number: 9257854428

This toucan is very important to our family and we will greatly appreciate any effort taken in helping us find Samantha.
$$$ REWARD $500.00 $$$

Jenkins: 4-5 Month old Bearded Dragon. At least 10 inches long weighting about 30-35 grams. He is a normal brown and tan color, with some slight reddish vertical stripes and faint blueish horizontal bars across the back.
Sharroll Smith
321 Bercut Rd RM 208B Sacramento 95814 CA - Phone number: 9165083851

He loves to eat Phoenix worms, Dubias, collard greens. He is very fast and a great climber.
$$$ REWARD $30.00 $$$

Greycee: African Grey Parrot. Grey and white with a white face, black beak and short bright red tail. She does have a metal band on one leg.
Lost 7/8/13 4:30PM at 330 Richardson Street heading Barellessa St Martinez, CA
330 Richardson Street Martinez, CA - Phone number: 925-785-7660

Please contact us if she is seen anywhere. She may be very frightened of strangers and want to fly away. Please call us, she is so very dear to us. You may also call 925-852-1305
$$$ REWARD $ 200.00 $$$

Bandit: 9 month old female ferret, dark sable color. Dominant mask over face and eyes. Dark brown and light coloring. Likes to jump backwards when she's excited. Very friendly and loving. Micro-chipped
Lost 6/11, last spotted on 6/28 From home, Sierra Madre, CA 91024
Courtney Samojen
Sierra Madre, CA 91024 - Phone number: 6265244468

She likes squeaky toys.
$$$ REWARD $$$