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Little Girl: Blue point oriental siamese, grey points and back with cream body. Blue eyes. She is very slim with a long body and tail, wedge face and large ears. She is also part balinese so her coat is slightly longer but smooth.
Where is lost:
Lost February 11th, 2012 Bermuda Way NW Calgary, AB T3K1H2
Sally McConnell
127 Bermuda Way NW Calgary, T3K1H2 AB - Phone number: 403-861-4172
Special Message
Little Girl is deaf and likely hunkered down near a home by the warm foundation (under concrete steps or sheltered deck). She has been spotted as recently as March 9th in Beddington Circle, NE but could be in Huntington Hills or Sandstone. She also has recently developed a cough so you may hear her coughing. She is also missing her lower canines and some of her smaller front teeth. $$$ REWARD $500.00 $$$

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