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Qwee-Qway: He has gray and white feathers and an all white face
Where is lost:
Lost 3/7/15 in Parkland, Washington (Tacoma)
Teri Chapman-Avis
1524 116th St. S. Tacoma, WA - Phone number: 253-250-7005
Special Message:
He whistles very good and loud and talks a lot, though most of what he says only he understands. He is friendly and might fly to you and land on your head or shoulder. He will NOT bite so please don't be frightened or frighten him, but was not hand fed so if you try to pick him up he will probably fly away. If you see him land throw a towel, pillow case, etc.. over him, gently wrap it around his body, hold him and text me ASAP! If you see him flying, don't lose sight of him and call me ASAP!. He loves Beatles music, especially Yellow Submarine. If he hears it, he will fly to the source and start whistling the tune. Reward will be issued if he is found or if sighting leads to him being found. He is a family pet and is sadly missed and we want him back so much, so please look around your area and text me if you see him. $$$ REWARD $$$

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