This site was established in 2005. Since then, the volunteers behind the project were helping the families that are suffering the loss of a pet by offering a very effective network of pet lovers with Facebook State Page Groups with hundreds of members. All services and assistance were provided for free.

Unfortunately, the team was not able to continue the work.

Mia and Ben took over the project with the goal to provide needed information for pet owners.

Cuz we love them!

Meet Mia Harper

Hi, I am Mia.

I am currently a Section Administrator in The Humane Society of the United States.

Before that, I worked as an Adoptions Counselor at Humane Rescue Alliance helping to make appropriate matches and ensure that all adoptable animals were well-presented and ultimately found their way to loving homes.

I have three dogs and a cockatoo named Charlie at home (all adopted).

Meet Ben Wright

Hi, I am Ben.

I am Wildlife Veterinarian. At one point I owned and managed commercial bee colonies (Apis mellifera and Trigona spp.) for the production of honey and other bee products.

I currently have eight cats. All of them I rescued from the streets at different times when they were just abandoned kittens.