Furry Globetrotters: The Pet Rescue’s Favorite Pet-Friendly Travel Spots

Furry Globetrotters: The Pet Rescue’s Favorite Pet-Friendly Travel Spots

A World of Adventure Awaits Our Furry Friends

As the founder of a pet rescue organization, I’ve seen first-hand the incredible bond that can form between a human and their four-legged companion. These furry friends bring so much joy, laughter, and unconditional love into our lives. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for the best pet-friendly travel destinations to share with our rescue pups and their new families.

Whisking Away to Winter Wonderlands

One of my favorite spots for a cozy, snowy getaway is Pearl Lake State Park in Colorado. This hidden gem is a true winter paradise, blanketed in the kind of fluffy, “champagne powder” snow that’s perfect for frolicking pups.

When my family and I visited during the holiday season, we had the entire park nearly to ourselves, save for a few fellow adventurers on snowshoes. As we unloaded our gear and began the scenic half-mile hike up to our yurt, our rescue dog Archie bounded through the drifts, his stubby corgi legs sinking into the powder with each step.

Once we were settled in our cozy, off-the-grid yurt, complete with a crackling firepit and stunning mountain views, it felt like we had the whole world to ourselves. Archie curled up happily by the heater, occasionally startled by the whoosh of snow sliding off the canvas roof. After a day of exploring the frozen lake and snowy trails, we returned to our remote oasis to sip hot cocoa and gaze up at the brilliant, star-studded sky.

Pearl Lake State Park is the perfect destination for those seeking a true winter wonderland escape with their canine companions. With miles of groomed trails for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, ice fishing, and the chance to spot wildlife like elk and mountain lions (from a safe distance, of course!), there’s endless adventure to be had. Just be sure to bundle up, pack plenty of supplies, and don’t forget your pup’s favorite toys and treats!

Sun, Surf, and Slobbery Kisses

If your furry friend is more of a beach bum than a snow bunny, I can’t recommend South Padre Island, Texas enough. This sunny, coastal town on the Gulf of Mexico is a veritable paradise for pups and their people.

When my family and I visited with our golden retriever, Sammy, we were delighted to discover just how pet-friendly the entire island is. From the moment we checked into our beachfront hotel, La Copa Inn, the staff welcomed Sammy with open arms (and plenty of ear scratches).

Our room was the perfect home base for our beach-filled days. Sammy quickly got the hang of running in and out of the surf, chasing after the waves and returning with a coat of salty sand. After each romping session, we’d towel him off before heading back to the hotel to rinse off in the outdoor shower. The staff even provided us with plastic bags and a designated pet relief area, making cleanup a breeze.

Beyond the hotel, we found endless opportunities to explore South Padre Island with our canine companion. We strolled the scenic boardwalks of Laguna Madre Nature Trail, climbed the towering sand dunes, and spent countless hours frolicking on the expansive, off-leash beaches. Sammy was in pure heaven, and we loved watching him run, play, and soak up the sun alongside us.

When it was time to refuel, we discovered that South Padre Island is surprisingly pet-friendly when it comes to dining. We became regulars at Tropical Smoothie Cafe, where the staff always greeted Sammy with treats and ear scratches. We even learned that some local tour operators, like Fins to Feathers and SPI Dolphin Research, welcome furry friends on their dolphin-watching and birding excursions.

Whether your pup is a beach bum or a snow-loving adventurer, there’s a perfect pet-friendly destination out there waiting to be discovered. And who knows – your next furry globetrotter might just be that rescue pup you welcomed into your family!

A Pawsitive Pit Stop: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Of course, no pet-friendly travel story would be complete without a mention of the incredible work being done by the Fur Bae Rescue organization and the team at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA).

When Lil Stevie, an Arabian village dog, embarked on her journey from Qatar to Seattle to find her forever home, the Fur Bae team and SEA volunteers were there to greet her and her fellow rescue pups with open arms (and plenty of treat-filled hands).

Michelle Michaels, a Seattle-based Fur Bae volunteer, has helped facilitate countless pet adoptions at SEA, even during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. She and the rest of the Fur Bae crew work tirelessly to ensure these rescue animals are transported safely and welcomed into their new lives with loving families.

“It didn’t take long for Michaels to fall in love and Stevie found a new permanent home with Michaels,” the Port of Seattle blog recounts. “Through her work with Fur Bae, Michaels meets a variety of arriving dogs at SEA helping to facilitate dog adoptions.”

The partnership between Fur Bae Rescue and SEA is a heartwarming example of the power of community and the transformative impact a furry friend can have on our lives. As our rescue pups embark on their own globetrotting adventures to find their forever homes, it’s comforting to know that there are dedicated teams working to ensure they receive the care, love, and support they deserve every step of the way.

Packing for Paw-some Adventures

Whether you’re planning a snowy escape or a sun-soaked beach getaway with your canine companion, there are a few essential items to remember:

  • Durable, Weatherproof Gear: From insulated jackets and booties for the cold to quick-drying towels and paw wax for the sand, make sure your pup is outfitted for any adventure.
  • Portable Water and Food Bowls: Staying hydrated and well-fed is key, especially when exploring new environments.
  • Favorite Toys and Treats: Don’t forget to pack your pup’s beloved tennis balls, chew toys, and, of course, plenty of tasty rewards.
  • Cleanup Essentials: Plastic bags, a collapsible bathtub or grooming wipes, and a towel or two will make post-adventure cleanup a breeze.
  • Vaccination Records and ID Tags: Keep your pup’s important documents handy, and make sure their ID tags are up-to-date in case of emergency.

With the right gear and a sense of exploration, your furry friend will be ready to embark on a globetrotting adventure at a moment’s notice. Just remember to consult with local authorities and do your research to ensure your pup is welcome and safe at each destination.

Unleashing the Joy of Travel

As the founder of a pet rescue organization, I’ve seen firsthand the incredible impact a furry companion can have on our lives. These loyal, loving animals not only bring us endless joy, but they also encourage us to live life to the fullest, explore new horizons, and embrace the simple pleasures in life.

Whether you’re planning a snowy escape or a sun-soaked beach getaway, there’s a world of pet-friendly adventures waiting to be discovered. So grab your pup’s leash, pack your bags, and get ready to embark on a journey that will fill your heart (and your Instagram feed) with pure, unbridled happiness.

After all, who needs a million-dollar view when you’ve got a slobbery, tail-wagging friend by your side? The memories you’ll make together are priceless.

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